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Innovative alloy solutions for different application fields

The term SPECIALTIES refers to the high-precision and special alloy product ranges that are produced at bedra Alloy Vietnam. The product portfolio includes optical alloys, special alloys for electronic connectors, electricity plugs, contact pins, ballpen tips, medical equipment, etc. The bedra SPECIALTIES division combines a very extensive product portfolio with innovative alloy solutions for different application fields.

As a highly specialized supplier for the processing industry, we cover all processes involved in manufacturing such diverse alloy solutions. Our own foundry produces more than 100 alloy variants such as tin bronze, brass, nickel silver, and many other special alloys from elemental copper.

Brass alloys

Lead brass

Ms58Pb3 (C3604)

Parts and components requiring precision machining, such as screws, nuts and rotations, shafts, gears, pneumatic tools/connectors, valves, lighters, camera components and watch components.

Bismuth brass

Ms60Bi2 (C49250)

Lead-free replacement of leaded brass, with a wide range of applications in the market, such as e-cigarette, connector, valve core, embedded nut, intelligent charging, coffee pot accessories, consumer electronics, hardware, mechanical equipment, construction machinery, 5G accessories, and etc.


Ms90b (C22000)

All kinds of lifting and bending parts, such as pin, rivet, washer, nut, pipe, barometer, screen, radiator parts, water tank belt, water supply and drainage pipe, resistance cap, medal and bimetal parts.

Ms85b (C23000)

Condensing and cooling pipes, siphons, snaking pipes and cooling equipment.

Ms80b (C24000)

All kinds of light stamping parts, sugarmachinery and ship parts, hardware, and etc.

Ms62 (C27450)

Hardware, machinery, electronics, valve body, bathroom and other industries. And it is suitable for all kinds of deep drawing and bending parts, such as pin, rivet, washer, screw nut, conduit, pressure gauge spring, screen, radiator parts, and etc.

Ms60 (CuZn40)

Hardware, machinery, electronic engineering, valve body and plug industries.

Ms70b (C26000)

All kinds of deep drawing and bending manufacturing of stressed parts, radiator shell, duct, bellows, gasket, paper mesh, and etc.

Ms67c (C26200)

All kinds of complex cold stamping parts and deep drawing parts, plugs, radiator housings, wave guides, bellows, and etc.

Ms63b (C27200)

All kinds of light stamping parts, sugar machinery and ship parts, hardware screws, plugs, and etc.

Ms64b (C27000)

A variety of deep drawing and bending of stressed parts, such as hardwares (screws, nuts, connectors), springs, guidelines, screen, paper pipe and mechanical parts.

Highly conductivity alloys

Tellurium copper

CTe0.5 (C14500)

Connector terminals, charging piles, nozzles of plasma cutting machines and power modules of communication base stations for new energy vehicles.

Nickel-silver alloys

Zinc cupronickel

NiBz12Mn5Pb (C79860)

Pen tips, guide rods and screws in pen making industry.

Silicon bronzes

Silicon bronze

SiBz1.5Mn (C65100)

Hydraulic pipelines, metal components, foundation bolts, and etc.

SiBz3Mn (C65500)

Various elastic components and parts applied in corrosive conditions as well as wear resistant parts, such as turbine, worm, gear, bushing, brake pin and rod.

Aluminum bronze

AlBz8b (C61000)

Springs, fasteners and other elastic elements with certain corrosion resistance requirements.

Special alloys

Chromium zirconium copper

HCr1Zr0.15 (C18150)

Automobile, vehicles, agricultural machinery, ships, civil electrical appliances TV, refrigeration equipment, washing machines and other products of electric resistance welding (such as welding electrodes for spot welding, seam welding, butt welding, CO2 protection welding), and the metallurgy continuous casting crystallizer, motor, power distribution equipment and high-speed train with sliding connection, and etc.

Tin bronzes

Tin bronze

Bz4 (C51100)

Automobile parts industry, such as clutch friction plate, connector, lock washer, and etc.

Bz5 (C51000)

Plug pin (such as RJ45), elastic components and other consumer electronics industries.

Bl66 (C51900)

Consumer electronics, automobile, intelligent manufacturing etc.

Bz8 (C52100)

Metal fasteners, springs and switch parts under worse conditions than C51000.

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